Building Update:                    June 17, 2017


St. John's leadership met on Tuesday, June 13 and has decided to form 3 Working Groups to help the congregation determine the next step in our building considerations. Our goal continues to be one of gathering information and providing options so that the congregation can make informed decisions on how to proceed.


As a broad statement, our choices are to Stay, Sell, or Develop. The three Working Groups will be:  


Working Group 1 (Stay)   will look at tearing down the existing sanctuary and rebuilding a simpler sanctuary trying to incorporate the bell tower in the new structure.  This group will also look at the additional work on the rest of the building that Task Force #1 addressed in its report to the congregation last month.


Working Group 2 (Sell)   will look at the opportunity to sell our property “as is” and ascertain as best they can an appropriate value. This group will also look at possibilities for properties for worship and office space.


Working Group 3 (Develop)   will investigate the possibility of having our property annexed into the city and the costs associated with that.  They will also look at the opportunities of partnering with a developer and the types of building structures that might fit with our needs.


There are sign up sheets for each of the Working Groups.  If you feel you can help and wish to be part of the group, please sign up.