November 28th Voters’ Meeting Update:
I would like to thank each and every person who was able to attend the meeting on this past Tuesday.  The respect and honor that everyone showed to each other, to the discussion of the church building, to the memories, and to the heartache was incredible.  This process is such a difficult thing to accept and yet we pulled together to set aside the emotion and hard feelings and deal with the practical side of a tough issue. 
I thank the 56 voters that voted to approve the motion to give the council the authority to pursue a sale or redevelopment of the church property.  I am equally thankful for the 1 person that voted not to approve the motion.  And I thank everyone who has contributed to this process along the way.  Your comments, your ideas, and your prayers have been very helpful and a blessing to us all.  We truly are working together as a community of believers in Christ.  

Some next steps:
As mentioned during the Voters’ Meeting, our church council will be looking to form some working groups.  Although not exactly formulated yet, we will be looking at
1) A working group to ensure that we will have a temporary worship facility when it becomes necessary.
2) We will be forming a group to work on the sale/redevelopment of the property.  
3) We will start planning on some targeted issues that we as a congregation need to begin working on (outside of the building issue). Things like outreach, like children’s ministry, like helping the homeless, like caring for our elderly members, like recognizing the future look of a facility based on our needs.
Please take time to consider these service opportunities and how you can help.Church council will meet in a couple of weeks and work on formalizing the mandate of these work groups.
- On behalf of your church council, sincere thanks to you all -  Barry Schick