November 28th Voters’ Meeting Update:
I would like to thank each and every person who was able to attend the meeting on this past Tuesday.  The respect and honor that everyone showed to each other, to the discussion of the church building, to the memories, and to the heartache was incredible.  This process is such a difficult thing to accept and yet we pulled together to set aside the emotion and hard feelings and deal with the practical side of a tough issue. 
I thank the 56 voters that voted to approve the motion to give the council the authority to pursue a sale or redevelopment of the church property.  I am equally thankful for the 1 person that voted not to approve the motion.  And I thank everyone who has contributed to this process along the way.  Your comments, your ideas, and your prayers have been very helpful and a blessing to us all.  We truly are working together as a community of believers in Christ.  

Some next steps:
As mentioned during the Voters’ Meeting, our church council will be looking to form some working groups.  Although not exactly formulated yet, we will be looking at
1) A working group to ensure that we will have a temporary worship facility when it becomes necessary.
2) We will be forming a group to work on the sale/redevelopment of the property.  
3) We will start planning on some targeted issues that we as a congregation need to begin working on (outside of the building issue). Things like outreach, like children’s ministry, like helping the homeless, like caring for our elderly members, like recognizing the future look of a facility based on our needs.
Please take time to consider these service opportunities and how you can help.Church council will meet in a couple of weeks and work on formalizing the mandate of these work groups.
- On behalf of your church council, sincere thanks to you all -  Barry Schick



An Affordable Housing Option in Vernon - A St. John's Connection

An older motel in Vernon has been purchased and set up as affordable housing to assist people to move off the street. Under the umbrella of the John Howard Society, the Blair House has been up and running in Vernon for almost a year. There are 38 rooms, 36 of which are single and 2 have a bedroom and living room (accommodating two people.) All rooms have a small kitchen with a full size fridge, micro wave, cupboards and a sink. Each person is to furnish their kitchen. Bed are supplied as well as a table and chairs. The bathroom has a tub with shower, sink and toilet.

A community kitchen has been installed in the manager's living quarters. St John's Lutheran church had the privilege to furnish this kitchen with the necessary items to be a full-service unit. This was accomplished with donations from the congregation. The John Howard Society was able to receive government grants to buy new appliances which included a stove, dishwasher, a fridge and deep freeze. A washer and dryer are also available for the residents.

Each resident pays $475/month rent.  Among other things, this accommodation gives the residents an address which is necessary when applying for a job. The long-term goal is to have the kitchen functioning by the residents to cook their three meals each day.  The goal is to form a family community and to take some of the pressure off other local agencies, including The Upper Room Mission. At this time a charitable organization is cooking twice a week with enough left overs to be taken back to the residents' rooms.

There are some on-going needs for the Blair House, including coffee mugs, forks and containers to store the reheat-able food. These items are often not returned to the kitchen.  Donations of old cottage cheese containers, yogurt containers and margarine  containers are greatly appreciated.

Folks can bring any needed supplies to the Church, care of Blair House, and Irene can take it from there. They can also be dropped off at the Blair House, located in the former Travelodge behind the Fruit Union Plaza.

November 23, 2017  

Week 1: The Church Is Born 1 The Essential Truth Acts 1:1-11
  2 So, Now What? Acts 1:12-26
  3 The Real, Real World Acts 2:1-13
  4 What Just Happened? Acts 2:14-36
  5 The New Testament Church ; Acts 2:37-47
 Week 2: The Church Begins to Grow 6 "Just Do It" Faith  Acts 3:1-10
  7 The Hard Sayings of Peter Acts 3:11-26
  8 The Offense of Christianity Acts 4:1-22
  9 Fearless Prayer Acts 4:23-31
  10 The Perfect Church Acts 4:32-37
Week 3: The Church Is Persecuted 11 Lying to God Acts 5:1-16
  12 We're in the Jailhouse Now Acts 5:17-42
  13 Trouble in River City Acts 6:1-15
  14 Good News for a Hostile World Acts 7:1-19
  15 Courageous Evangelism Acts 7:20-8:1a
Week 4: The Good News Changes Lives 16 The B-List Apostle Acts 8:1b-25
  17 Effective Evangelism Acts 8:26-40
  18 Seeing the Light Acts 9:1-9
  19 I Want You! Acts 9:10-19a
  20 Spiritual Mentor Acts 9:19b-31
Week 5: The Good News Is Everyone 21 Bold Humanity Acts 9:32-43
  22 The Divine Choreographer Acts 10:1-48
  23 Holy Legalism Acts 11:1-18
  24 The Church Goes Viral Acts 11:19-30
  25 The Unstoppable Force Acts 12:1-25
Week 6: The First Mission Trip 26 A Mission from God Acts 13:1-12
  27 Pioneering Ministry Acts 13:13-52
  28 Successful Ministry Acts 14:1-28
  29 Ministry Disagreements Acts 15:1-21
  30 Personal Disagreements Acts 15:22-41
Week 7: More Mission Trips 31 Jailhouse Rock Acts 16:1-40
  32 Flexible Ministry Acts 17:1-34
  33 The Mission Team Acts 18:1-28
  34 The Real Problem Acts 19:1-41
  35 Ministry Snapshots Acts 20:1-38
Week 8: Paul's Journey To Jerusalem 36 Knowing God's Will Acts 21:1-26
  37 Outside the Comfort Zone Acts 21:27-36
  38 The Essential Question Acts 21:37-22:21
  39 Blessed Assurance Acts 22:22-23:11
  40 The Paradox of Ministry Acts 23:12-35
Week 9: Paul's Roman Trial 41 The Inconvenient Truth Acts 24:1-27
  42 "I Appeal to Caesar!" Acts 25:1-12
  43 Who Is Jesus? Acts 25:13-27
  44 Paul's Apologia Acts 26:1-18
  45 The Focused Life Acts 26:19-32
Week 10: Paul's Journey To Rome 46 Mission Journal Acts 27:1-12
  47 A Titanic Ministry Acts 27:13-26
  48 The Shipwreck Moment Acts 27:27-44
  49 Ministry Along the Way Acts 28:1-10
  50 An Everyday Challenge Acts 28:11-31

2:00pm Ash Wednesday Service
5:30pm Pancake Supper
6:30pm Ash Wednesday Service

'Traditional' Worship service 9:00 am
'Contemporary' Worship service 10:30 am; God's Kids 10:45

2:00pm Lenten Service
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Combined service 10:00 am; God's Kids 10:15
Fellowship time after service

2:00pm Lenten Service
6:30pm Lenten Service

'Traditional' Communion service 9:00 am
'Contemporary' Communion service 10:30 am; God's Kids 10:45

2:00pm Lenten Service
6:30pm Lenten Service

SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2018
'Traditional' Worship service 9:00 am
'Contemporary' Worship service 10:30 am; God's Kids 10:45

2:00pm Lenten Service
6:30pm Lenten Service

SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2018
'Traditional' Worship service 9:00 am
'Contemporary' Worship service 10:30 am; God's Kids 10:45

2:00pm Lenten Service
6:30pm Lenten Service

SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 2018
Combined service 10:00 am; God's Kids 10:15
Fellowship time after service

2:00pm Maundy Thursday Service
5:30pm Soup Supper 
6:30pm Maundy Thursday Service

10:00am Good Friday Service

EASTER SUNDAY, April 1, 2018
7:30am Sunrise Service
10:00am Easter Celebration

August 14, 2017

Hi everyone, just a quick update on the tournament this past weekend in Golden.  There were 10 teams this year split into 2 divisions of 5.  So on Saturday we played each team in our division (4 games).  We lost our first one to Cloverdale by 1 run.  Played Bethel B and won handily.  Then we played Riverbend (Edmonton) and got beat by a lot (won't say how many) but they were eventually the winners of the tournament (very good team).  Our 4th game was against our good friends Drumheller who we beat handily.  So two and two for round robin.  With our record, we were placed in the 2nd division, playing for 5th place.  On Sunday, we lost by 1 run to Drumheller  in our 1st game and then beat Medicine Hat by 3 in our final game.  The combination of wins/losses, and runs for/against saw us winning the B division (5th place overall).  So our overall record was 3 wins-3 losses  (with 2 of the losses by 1 run)

FYI, this was the 30th year of the  tournament and St. John's Vernon has been attending for the last 27 years straight. Congratulations all around.

We went up to Golden a little light for  players ( 6 guys and 4 girls).  For a few of the  games we had a 7th guy  from Golden and for the rest  we played with 6 guys and 4 girls.  Hard to pick out highlights because there were a lot.  We had great hitting from everyone.  Good defense even in our bad loss... they just kept hitting the holes or over the fence.  We moved everyone around quite a bit so we played some different positions than normal.  Devin is recovering from appendix surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago, so he was supposed to be a spare but ended up playing most of the time. Even hit one out of the park.  Rebecca  (first tournament) also went up as a spare and ended up playing most all of the games and did great - thanks Rebecca (by the way easily the fastest person on our team).  Joel and Aaron roved the outfield all weekend and did a great job (and were clutch hitters every game), but more importantly let me play shortstop all weekend LOL.  Jeff covered third and catcher all weekend and hit well. Ali, Grace and Loretta were great... not only played great.. but went wherever in the field that we needed depending on who was available. The girls really hit well this weekend which by the way makes all the difference to the outcome of the games. off work Friday night in Kelowna at around 11 pm, grabbed a few hours of sleep and then drove up to Golden... got there halfway through the first game and then pitched all weekend long.. excellent job of pitching and hitting for him as well.

And lest we forget, the future St. John's team participated in the skills competition on Saturday afternoon.  Isaac and Sam came away with a multitude of 1sts and 2nds in their age group for a number of categories... base running, throwing, hitting, etc.  Congratulations to them .  And as you might guess with a bench that had no spares, we had some issues with


score keeping, so Isaac stepped up and kept score for us.  Did such a good job that the Drumheller team named him MVP in one of our games!

So yeah... we had a good time with good results.. met a lot of old friends again in good Christian fellowship.. Joel and Gary from Kelowna handled the church service extremely well.   Just all good stuff.... Looking forward to next year already (except for the aches and pains this morning from 6 games).  It's been a great year both league play and the tournament... Thanks to you all.




St. John's has begun the process to assist a Syrian Refugee Family in making Vernon their home. We will be updating you as the process continues. 
We have attached a letter with info regarding our plan and the money and materials needed to do this. 
If you would like to get involved or have any questions you can contact us at the following:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Thank you for you interest in this ministry!!